Chronic Pain, Acute Pain And (Head Pain) Headache Causes And Management


Chronic Pain, Acute Pain And (Head Pain) Headache Causes And Management.
Pain which is also a symptom and not a disease for itself, is a manifestation of different types of medical conditions from infections, common cold, gastrointestinal problems, bone fractures and burn to diabetes and angina ,that type of pain is (acute pain)
Pain can be generalized as incase of common cold or localized as in case of bone fractures.
Pain also can vary in intensity, deep or superficial and nature which may be pulsating or pinning.
Pain is triggered by the introduction of harmful foreign stimulus to the body which will respond by the secretion of inflammatory mediators like histamine and leukotrienes a cycle called the cycle of inflammation.
All that process is regulated (started and ended) by the brain.
So in order to kill the pain ,you have to either break the cycle of inflammation which we mentioned before or shutdown the brain pain center.
Medicines like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Indomethacin and Meloxicam can be used which acts peripherally, or medicines like Opioids like Morphine, Heroin and Nalpufin.
Pain is warning messenger from you body that some is wrong or not quiet well, so don’t get so angry with it, try to relax and ask for medical advise and the proper and suitable medicine for your condition.
Opioid pain killers can be only dispensed by official prescription and under M.O.H rules and regulations for narcotics and controlled drugs.
Headache (Head Pain):-
can be identified as a notorious type of pain because it affect the head and brain itself.
Headache is usually due to the dilatation of the blood vessels that feeds the brain which will make an extra pressure over the brain sensitive tissue which gives this sharp pain in the head.
Headache can be a manifestation of many types of diseases and pathogens.
Headache can result from weaken eye which usually central, hypertension which usually concentrated in the back of the brain and upward, hypotension which is usually surrounds the forehead and accompanied with fainting.
Certain types of cancers also produce headache and poor sight (chronic pain).
Anemia also produces headache, brain infections and tumors can do headache also.
Headache can also precede the monthly period for females which is usually a type of headache called migraine which identified by the localization of pain in one side only of the head.
Strong analgesics are required to produce an effect with headache and migraine.
The most effective and safe in a wide range of headaches are (Acetaminophen 500 MG + 8MG Codeine + 30 MG Caffeine), It’s useful in a wide range of headache and migraine.


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