Diagnostic Radiography X-RAY, C.T, M.R.I, For Dummies

Diagnostic Radiography X-RAY, C.T, M.R.I, For  Dummies.
  -The usage of X-RAY, C.T, M.R.I in medical diagnosis.
Radiography:- is part of the modern science that concerned with studying different kinds of rays and their physical properties.
Diagnostic Radiography:- The science that concerned with the usage of different types of electromagnetic radiation in Medicine.
By the time when man understood rays and their properties, applications in the medical field become clear and then it become important for every one to know even a little about rays as a part of public medical information.
Rays have the ability to penetrate the body but in different capabilities.
Different types of rays have different penetration patterns. This depends on the wave length of the ray; smaller wave length means more energy to penetrate even bone and cartilage.
According to the image that results after the penetration process which can be received on sensitive material coated films, the diagnosis can be made.
The most popular one is X-RAY which has a limited ability of penetration (penetrate only soft tissue) leaving bones behind.
It’s widely used in bone fractures operations. Any consolidation or calcification  in the soft tissue can also be investigated and diagnosed by X-RAY imaging like (tuberculosis or T.B, pneumonia and kidney stones).
mobile-c arm
A fast X-RAY set is which is called C-ARM is used these days inside operation rooms, it is capable of showing the image immediately on a small monitor without needing to much time of processing that happens in usual X-RAY imaging.
This is an advanced form of X-RAY imaging capable of taking many images of the targeted area from approximately 360° imaging field giving a panoramic view of inside the body for advanced investigation.
Most tumors and cancers diagnoses by this technique.

M.R.I which revolutionary technology which can image inside the blood vessels, it gives a complete 3D colored vision of the internal organs.
m.r.i imaging

Most complicated cases, some psychological diseases are been diagnosed by that technique.

 Other types of imaging like ultrasound which so popular used for the follow up of pregnant women .


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