Fever-High Temperature,what's fever? Causes and Management.

Fever-High Temperature,what's fever? Causes and Management. 

Fever is a common term used to describe a status of elevated body temperature.
Normal human body temperature is 37c or 99.5f, any elevation above these readings considered to be fever.
Fever is a symptom and not a not a disease for itself,(causes) usually due to infection.
Infection which either viral or bacterial, bacterial infection has to be treated by antibiotics
Whether viral infections have no specific treatment and always treated symptomatically.
Although elevated or high temperature can help your body fighting infection, but you feel better when your temperature become normal again.
Temperature is measured by thermometers which are classified in two types’ mercury thermometers and alcohol thermometer.
Both used in identical ways to measure the body temperature either orally or rectally, for digital thermometers which is placed on the forehead it is not recommended.
To do the rectal way which is usually used for infants, you have to lubricate the thermometer first then hold it one inch from tip to prevent further insertion, then you have to place it gently,
Hold it there for couple of minutes then take you readings,
Rectal temperature readings are more accurate than mouth because in the mouth method thermometer may be cooled by respiration effect.
How to treat elevated temperature (fever or high fever)?
We mentioned before that in case of bacterial infections, antibiotics should be given as a primary treatment.
Secondary different types of antipyretics can be used as Paracetamol which acts on the temperature regulating center in the brain and can be used for all ages, pregnant and lactating females also can use Paracetamol (or Acetaminophen) safely.
Different types of analgesics also can be used as antipyretics like Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Indomethacin and Meloxicam.


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