G.I.T Disturbance (nausea – vomiting – diarrhea-constipation-hyperacidity-colic)

Gastric disturbance or G.I.T disturbance 
(nausea – vomiting – diarrhea-constipation-hyperacidity-colic)

These wide range of symptoms and signs are common features of many diseases and they are all grouped under big title called Gastric disturbance or G.I.T disturbance.
Gastric disturbance or G.I.T disturbance, can be caused by a wide range of diseases, some are gastrointestinal others are circular or nervous.    
  Gastric disturbances can be causes primarily by internal gastroenteritis (causes nausea, colic and diarrhea) which is usually bacterial by E.coli (well known gram negative bacteria known to cause gastroenteritis by unclean foods especially proteins).
Other types of bacterial like the notorious Salmonella which is known to cause food poisoning especially eggs, milk products and poultry.
 Many other types of infections include (viral like the Rota virus in children, other types of bacterial infections due to Bacteremia and Toxemia (1), Protozoal infections like Entameba Histolytica and Giardia lambedia which can be diagnosed by bloody stool). 
 According to many  Medical Information centers Gastric disturbance or G.I.T disturbance can be caused by;-
-Uncontrolled blood pressure.
- I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome).
- Gastric ulcer.
- Certain brain tumors.
- Certain types of migraines.
- Hepatic disease which are usually chronic and attack in sever, acute episodes.
- Many types of medicines can cause Gastric disturbance or G.I.T disturbance (for example vitamin B oral preparations, chemotherapy, almost all anti-biotics, analgesics and anthelmentics), actually almost all medicines have gastro intestinal side effects).
- Many types of food allergy.
Gastric disturbances or G.I.T disturbances are a wide rang of symptoms which can be found in many clinical cases so you have to use patient history and lab results of stool analysis and C-factor (which is an indication to infection) , C.B.C ( complete blood count) in consideration before you try to diagnose and treat the case.
Bacteremia : the presence of complete or parts of the bacterial cells in the blood stream.
Toxemia : the presence of the bacterial toxins in the blood stream. 


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