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medicine terminology
Medicine Terminology For Public:-

Did you hear something about your drug that you could’t understand?
Did you try once to read a drug leaflet and some terms didn’t come clear?
Here you will find all about the term medicine or drug.
Drug or medicine: an active chemical or biological material that has the ability upon the administration to the body to be absorbed and doing some kind of desirable healing or reliving effect.(The word drug publicly = medicine = medication). 

The drug components: almost any drug formula/medicinal product in the market is consisted of:-
1-Active material (ingredient):- the main component of the drug which does the indented job.
2-Additives: which are secondary products added to facilitate the industrial production and/or altering the pharmacological action of the active ingredient (enhancing an effect or decreasing a side effect).

Pharmacokinetics; - is the branch of science that studies the journey of the medicine inside the body in numbers, giving each process a specific value.
Pharmaceutical form: the form in which medicine can be introduced to the body, e.g. solid forms like tablet and capsule or liquid forms like syrup and injections.

The dose: familiar term which is the quantity of medicine has to be delivered to the body to give a certain effect. Many related terms like Subdose, Overdose, Safe dose, Toxic dose and Bolus dose (big dose to start with for rapid effect)..etc.
The indication: - also familiar term to describe in which cases should this medication used.
Contraindications: - interactions with other medicines or clinical conditions.
Interactions: - which is later to be classified to drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions and drug-packaging material interactions.
Precautions: - some thing to worry about during the usage of this medicine. 
Pharmacological effect: -which include both the desirable effect and the side effect.
Side effect: - other undesirable affects of the medicine and the probability it happens.
Mode of administration: - it includes the pharmaceutical form plus the frequency of administration and when it should be administered.

More professional terms for your medical information;-
Safety margin: - is the spectrum between the maximum safe dose and the minimum toxic dose.
T1/2 or T Half: - is the time required by the medicine to reach concentration half of the one required to achieve the desired effect.
Bio-availability:- is the quantity of drug reaches the blood stream after the process of absorption. 
Metabolism:- term describes how the body processes the medication till the excretion.
Distribution and clearance; - how body distributes medicine to all the organs and how it eliminates it outside.
Protein binding ability: -the ability of the drug molecule to bind with plasma proteins like Albumin


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